New career move

So i have decided that as well as working fulltime for a bank, doing an open university degree in history and trying to balance home life (driving lessons, seeing the bf etc) I am going to teach myself to be a make up artist for film and tv.

My bf is getting into composing music for film, and from watching and helping him get jobs from advertisements online i realised that if i can teach myself the trade and eventually build a collection, a portfolio and a tool kit i too could make some money and be successful doing something so interesting.

Combine my love for film and make up - i dont know why i didnt think of it before. I guess you always think its expected that you have been to uni and studied the craft! But recently i have found that all you need is the tools, practise, a gmail account and a blog for your portfolio…also some friends who would be happy to model =]

So far I have created a new tumblr ready for my portfolio pictures/videos. Ordered a set of brushes (not expensive really good ones yet as i cannot afford it but just for practising it will do for now), a pack of latex wedges, a professional belt to hold stuff in while on set, a staple pillar box red lipstick (again a cheap barry m one not a MAC lipstick that i want eventually) and finally some white foundation for testing theatrical looks.

The next step is to get some hair grips, make up remover, fake hair bits, glue, fake blood, etc

Eventually the plan is to get all the expenisve stuff obviously but not until i am good enough. Something i will need however is an airspray set and colours to go into it!!!

I will try to update as much as i can as if this turns into something successful i want to document it from the very start! Who knows where this will lead! Once i have some shots ready to upload to my new tumblr (specifically JUST for my portfolio) I will link to this page.

Time for an update!

I want to try to update this alot more! Recent buys -

First of all these peterpan coloured dresses are almost exact replicas for the ones seen in topshop a few months back, only instead of the £28 pricetag these were from peacocks at £16 each AND 20% off that price too! BARGAIN!

ALSO another bargain was the leopard print coat which originally was £75 i got it for £20 from miss selfridge, and the trousers were also from miss selfridge £38 but with 20% off too as it was in the last chance to buy section. AND i had to have this yellow bird print skirt, its just too cute and will look so nice for the warmer weather we will hopefully be getting soon. I couldnt resist buying another pair of brogues - i have a bit of an obsession. Finally I am going on holiday to Ibiza in June with my boyfriend so i decided id go for a lovely bright canary yellow bikini to stand out from the crowd =] …thats from Topshop btw!

NEW stuff - fashion!

I am waiting for some new clothes to arrive that i look forward to, all cheap cheap cheap!!! so here they are, 3 items are by Motel and 2 are primark bought on ebay!

Im not too sure when or how i will get to wear this but iv wanted it for over a year! it was in the sale on ASOS a year ago but not in my size =[ then it sold out completly luckily i found it on ebay =D !!!

Also i bought a dress with the same material for a measly £10!!! BARGAIN!

the final Motel dress i bought is a white one with black lines for some reason theres only one picture i can find of this dress and it wont save so i shall have to post one of me wearing it once it arrives!

I also am finding it difficult finding photos to save of the other 2 primark dresses meh! so again will have to take my own once they have arrived!!! =]

NEW stuff - beauty

SO i was so excited last week there was a guy who came into my work and set up a stall selling BENEFIT and URBAN DECAY products =0  my jaw dropped in amazement!

So obviously i couldnt help but purchase some items!

I bought a new bottle of Benefit high beam ready for when it runs out =D

a bottle of Benetint which i had never tried before! a Benefit makeup bag,

Benefits Stay dont stray,

Throobbbb!!! blusher also by Benefit

an Urban Decay eyeshadow in a lush burnt red colour

and an urban decay eyeshadow brush! PHEW yup i bought lots, it was all reduced i honestly could not believe my luck!

Then i made some more purchases, now i have to say the one im glad i only bought a travel size because as far as i could tell it didnt do anything for my skin whatsoever i dont know if other people can actually see results and its just because it doesnt suit my skin tone or its because some people just like to believe something is doing something for them but Benefits Dr Feelgood did absoloutly nothing for me!

I also purchased Lemonaid by Benefit which does work its a good alternative to other primers or for days where you dont feel like wearing eyeshadow!

Also another make up brush this time (surprise suprise) by Benefit =]

yup thats alot of beauty products for one week!!

The Balm

I have only, today discovered ‘The Balm’ make up. I dont know how i didnt hear of them before. But i am a sucker for cute, kitsch packaging and The Balm have some of the cutest iv seen!

So as you can see they have an array of really nice 40’s/50’s inspired packaging which is not the most important part of choosing make up and beauty products but it does help a little. It always nice to see effort put in. Other brands that do this are Benefit, Urban decay, and soap and glory.